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Playtime with WC Turck takes an irreverent look at the arts and how the arts can change the world. With Artist, Author, Playwright and Screenwriter WC(Bill) Turck. Find out why this award-winning show has grown a national and international audience. From music, photography, the visual arts, poetry, film, theater, dance, comedy and writing, “Playtime” brings you celebrity guests and aspiring-to-be-celebrity new artists and writers, helpful how-to’s, and more from around the world.

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7 days ago

Kweisi became a poet following the murder of his younger brother, James Lemar Ford in Chicago on January 11, 1992. Lemont forfeited his life to save a friend's life. Poetry empowered him to write to, meet and forgive his brother's killers and turned anger, bitterness, thoughts of suicide into Poetry and Art...
His website is and of Facebook at KweisiGharreau MyBrother'sKeeper, and on Instagram @2kgpr_.
His book of poetry is titled “N’nocent Rage.” His children's poetry primer is "One, Two, Three, I Love Poetry".

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

Shawn Shiflett is an Associate Professor in the English and Creative Writing Department, Columbia College Chicago, and a storyteller. Shawn received a M.A. English degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Central State University, Oklahoma, and a B.A. from Columbia College Chicago. He is the author of two critically acclaimed novels, his 2013 debut Hidden Place and the 2016 follow-up Hey Liberal.
He is currently working on a multicultural project: Oral Histories On Race in America, and with the first 3 parts of the series currently running in Newcity Magazine, here in Chicago. He is a Master Story Workshop® teacher and conducted in-service teacher training in that methodology for decades. He has taught Creative Writing in Prague, CZ and was a guest teacher and author at Bath Spa University, UK.
His website is
Our music today is courtesy of Gabrielle de Val and Escape Records. Their website is,
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Monday Jan 23, 2023

On this episode of Playtime, Michael Zimmerman, the author of a powerful new book, Suburban Bigamy: Six Miles Between Truth and Deceit. Ultimately this is a story about gaining perspective, recovery and a sublime assessment of fatherhood. Suburban Bigamy is available at
Louisiana born and raised-Chris Canterbury’s latest album is Quaalude Lullabies, an introspective collection of pure country blues. Find out more about Chris Canterbury at
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Friday Jan 20, 2023

My old friend Ken Korber went from a physician assistant and surgical PA to refocus decades of bedside and patient education experience on patient education and health promotion, as a children’s book author. Korber’s “The Musical Adventures of Grace” series was inspired by his son, a cellist, about grace notes – “those minor notes that are sometimes used to give the music more flare. The result is a series of stories that can be used by parents, clinicians and educators as innovative resources to improve children’s lives and enhance reading skills, health literacy, and musical learning.
 Ken Korber is the founder of The Center for Functional Learning, a 501( c ) 3 organization whose purpose is  Bringing Together Music, Reading, and Health.
Plus 3 new albums from Bloodshot Records by Florence Dore, Julia Sanders and Ever More Nest.
For more information of strokes, causes, prevention, and recovery visit
The American Stroke Association

Sunday Jan 01, 2023

On this episode of Playtime, Kerri Kendall with a Hidden History of the Song, featuring the Yardbirds. Ira Sukrungruang is a Memoirist, Essayist, Poet, and Fiction Writer. He was born in 1976 right here in Oak Lawn, Illinois, a suburb just south of Chicago. Ira is the author of three creative nonfiction) books, Buddha’s Dog and Other Meditations, Southside Buddhist, Talk Thai: The Adventures of Buddhist Boy, the short story collection The Melting Season, and the poetry collection In Thailand It is Night.
Ira earned his BA in English from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and his MFA from The Ohio State University. He teaches in the MFA program at the University of South Florida. And Ira is the president of Sweet: A Literary Confection, a literary nonprofit organization, and is the Richard L. Thomas Professor of Creative Writing at Kenyon College. 
 His book This Jade World is this year’s Book of the Year winner in Traditional Non-fiction. Ira’s website is:

Sunday Jan 01, 2023

Libby Fischer Hellman, one of this year’s judges and a winner of last year’s Book of the Year award from the Chicago Writers Association, said this about Addio, Love Monster:  Marrocco seamlessly weaves together disparate opposites: the old with the young; the Italian “insiders” with the German and non-Italian “outsiders;” the memories of the elderly with their experience of “modern” life.
The resulting tapestry is a world where inflated egos meet their demise but retain a shred of dignity. Friendships are made or shattered. Husbands run amok. Wives threaten each other with life-long enmity but soon forgive. Death can be sudden or violent—there’s even a murder or two—but most of the time we are witnesses to the details, people, and events that shaped midcentury America…. This is fiction to be savored over time. It will charm and captivate you as it takes root in your soul...
Christina Marrocco works in memoir, short story, long fiction, and poetry. She teaches Creative Writing and other courses at Elgin Community College.

Friday Dec 16, 2022

Bruce Lamont is perhaps best known for his work portraying Robert Plant in the Chicago-based tribute band Led Zeppelin 2. But a look behind that mask reveals Lamont’s exceptional experimental solo work, as well as his work with the post-punk metal bands Yakuza and Brain Tentacles, and the underground metal band Bloodiest. There are shades of Talk-Talk, Wire, Art of Noise, David Sylvain, and Kraftwerk. On Friday, January 13th and 14th Led Zeppelin 2, fronted by Bruce Lamont celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy at Chicago’s House of Blues. The band will perform that classic album in its entirety.
Find his solo work at
The band Bloodiest at Bandcamp
Yakuza at Bandcamp
Brain Tentacles @ Bandcamp
Special thanks to Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy.
For tickets to Led Zeppelin 2 at Chicago's House of Blues.
For downtown hotel accommodations in chicago, Visit

Thursday Dec 15, 2022

On this episode of Playtime, the words and music of England Dan and John Ford Coley with the legendary John Ford Coly. I’m your host, WC Turck.
Music truly is, to borrow a cliché, the soundtrack of our lives. I have had the honor of speaking with a number of Artists whose music highlights sublime moments of my life. Martin Barre, David Libert, Trevor Horn, Terry Kirkman from the Association, friends from the Smithereens, the great Marshall Crenshaw to name a few. Add to that list John Ford Coley, ½ the magic behind the Grammy nominated duo and a great band from the 1970s and 80s, England Dan and John ford Coley. The website is

Santa, You are Fired!

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Playtime with an original tale for the whole family by WC Turck, featuring Lainie Petersen.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2022

On this episode of Playtime David Libert’s memoir… Rock and Roll Warrior, a conversation and music with I’m your host WC Turck’ To paraphrase a song by the Happenings, all David Libert wanted was Music, Music, Music. The rock and roll landscape is littered with winners and losers, but true warriors are few and far between. After a taste of life in the spotlight with the hit group The Happenings, David Libert charted a long and legendary course behind the curtain managing and representing acts such George Clinton, Alice Cooper, Vanilla Fudge and Parliament-Funkadelic to name only a few.
A link to Rock and Roll Warrior at Amazon.
And find Sussan Deyhim hauntingly beautiful music at


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